Leadership Retreat

Although our camp ends at age 14, Camp Sikh Virsa aims to be a space of learning and growth for all ages. For this reason, CSV also offers leadership retreats for our teens and young adults (ages 15+) when possible. In Winter 2017, CSV ran a retreat on the theme of Savaa Lakh—Sikh Activism & Advocacy. You can view pictures from that retreat below, and read more about the retreat here In Winter 2018, we were able to hold the retreat once again at HI Chicago.

Winter 2019 retreat will be held February 15-17. Registration will open soon!

Counselor Experience

Being a camp counselor has always been an extremely rewarding and, thus, highly sought-after role at Camp Sikh Virsa.  As campers work their way through the age groups and ultimately “graduate” from being a camper, we know the thought of becoming a counselor is usually prominent in their heads.

The process to become a counselor is based on your interest and dedication to camp. You will become a counselor, pending available spots, by committing to the criteria outlined in the this document. A few months prior to each camp, we send an email to eligible counselors to start the process of building the team for camp. If you are a graduated camper and are not on the email list, please contact us via the contact form to join.

Local Seva Opportunities

For our counselors who are local to the Milwaukee/Chicago area, we encourage them to stay involved with the Camp Sikh Virsa sangat year-round. The campers look up to our counselors as role models, and we hope that they take the opportunity to serve in this role whenever they can. To learn more about local opportunities, such as monthly keertan programs and interfaith work, please get in touch with us via the contact form,