For Parents...

Fee Structure:

Register by 5/12/19 – $150/parent
Register by 5/19/19 – $170/parent ($20 late fee)
Register after 5/19/19 – $180/parent ($30 late fee)

Please take a look at our cabin parent roles and responsibilities to learn what it means to be a cabin parent at Camp Sikh Virsa.

Adult/Parent Classes:

Each camp, classes and workshops presented by a variety of individuals in and out of the community, are organized by dedicated sevadars and members of the administrative team for those adults who are staying on-site , as well as any visitors to camp.  These occur during the times when the children are in classes and other recreational activities.  We welcome all visitors and parents staying on-site to be a part of the learning and discussion-based workshops that specifically designed with the target audience in mind.  These  classes are free of charge and span topics from camp theme-related history/Gurmat to living a healthier lifestyle.  We will try to get the schedule posted up here as soon as they are finalized.

Parent and Visitor Requests/Expectations:

We welcome parents, guests and younger siblings to stay at camp, attend the adult classes as well as Camp divaans and certain activities! However, in order to create the best educational and spirited environment for the campers and prevent serious mishaps, we require your cooperation with the following.

Requests to all parents/adults staying at or visiting camp:

  1. Please do not remove campers from any camp activity (classes, divaans, activities, meals, recreation, etc.) If due to extenuating circumstances you must, please inform the child’s Senior Counselor (found on nametag). If you must leave camp, please speak with Ravi Singh.

  2. Please refrain from interrupting camp classes.

  3. When helping assist campers in the morning and evening, please assist ALL campers and not only your children.

  4. Please refrain from speaking out during Camp Divaans and classes – counselors/admin are happy to address all concerns and comments afterwards.

  5. All children under the age of 7 must ALWAYS be supervised by a parent or guardian, even when counselors are present.

  6. Please do not allow children under the age of 7 to interrupt classes or divaans.

  7. Please refrain from ‘playing favorites’ – whether it is your child/relative/close friend.

  8. Please refrain from making special requests forany child during camp.

  9. The best time to visit with your child is during the second half of meal-time. The first half is reserved for Ardaas and table bonding.

  10. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and drugs onsite, and no one is allowed on the campsite while they are intoxicated. This is both in line with Sikh values, but also for the safety of all camp participants.

  11. Parents/adults should follow all rules that campers and counselors are expected to follow (i.e. keep head covered, no foul language, no boys/girls in opposite cabins, no gum, two-finger quiet rule, no shorts/skirts in divaan). If the children see parents doing something, they will think they can do it as well.


Again, please do NOT remove your child from any activity. This not only compromises the child’s experience, but also creates a MAJOR safety concern. All children must be present for attendance at each activity.


We strongly discourage giving preferential treatment to your own child at camp. Other kids notice this and often feel hurt or more homesick because of this. Treat ALL campers with the love you would give your own child!


Please do not think that these requests apply to all other parents, and do not apply to you! Kindly remind your peers if they are not complying.


Some first-time campers miss home more than others. Counselors are trained to deal with the initial signs; in severe cases they are assisted by the Head Counselor, who will communicate with parents. We encourage parents to be brave during a bout with homesickness. We urge parents to cooperate with the camp administration in these cases and to understand and believe that their child will benefit the most by staying at camp for the entire session. Parents should avoid making a pre-camp promise to pick up a camper early. There are no refunds for campers who are sent or taken home early, even if they go home on the first day. If a child really does not want to go to camp, consider waiting until he or she is a year older.