Counselor Expectations (last updated 8.19.19)

As a Camp Sikh Virsa community, we expect that all counselors will…

  1. Treat all sangat members with honor and respect regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, perceived knowledge of Sikhi, or any other identifying attributes. Enter the Camp Sikh Virsa community acknowledging the basic Sikh belief of ੴ (Ik Onkar) and practicing it through their treatment of all community members.

  2. Continue to challenge themselves on what they do not know and think they already know. Use Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Panth, Sikh history, and saadh sangat as guides and instructors in their continuous growth as a Sikh. Remember that the moment we believe we know and understand everything we have stopped living a Sikh life.

  3. Build a community of trust and faith through open dialogue, empathy, and equality, Know that the hierarchy within Camp Sikh Virsa is solely to implement logistical and organizational tasks and does not represent the inherent value or significance of any one member at CSV. The leadership team exists to protect all team members and prevent harm within the community and all reports to the leadership team will be kept with utmost confidence and anonymity.

  4. Participate positively and proactively in pre-camp, at-camp, and post-camp activities and conversations. Knowing that all team members are equal, value each person’s contributions and value their team members by contributing equally. Manipulation, threats, and toxic behavior will not be tolerated and have no reason to exist within a Gurmat-centric environment.

  5. Practice accountability of themselves and their sangat by being humble and open enough to receive constructive criticism, confident and loving enough to push their peers to be better versions of themselves, and sensitive and aware enough to know how their behaviors and presence are impacting those around them. By centering Gurmat values in their behavior, we remember that Sikhi’s true goal is to eliminate our ego and remember we are only an embodiment of Vaaheguru. By always being open to growth, feedback, and being held accountable, we can be more responsible Sikhs and a more Guru-centered sangat.

We want to state clearly that anyone who is found to be in violation of these expectations will be held accountable through CSV leadership. Violators of these expectations will be given action items to facilitate their reflection and growth and will be excused from Camp Sikh Virsa until they are deemed ready to return in a role model capacity.Furthermore, in order to make these expectations an active process for our sevadaars, we will include a mandatory reflection on these expectations for all interested counselors moving forward. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any member of our leadership team.