Camp Information

Camp & Campsite

Each camp, our team is hard at work to create the best possible learning experience for our CSV sangat. On this page, you can learn more about the camp theme and the details of the upcoming camp, as well as fees. Most importantly, where camp is so that you know how to get yourself and your child(ren) there!

Schedule & Packing

Although we have a lot of variations between our May and November camps, such as location and weather, this page has a general schedule for what campers and counselors are doing at both camps, as well as what your campers should be bringing to prepare themselves for the best experience possible.

For Parents

Whether it's your first time bringing your child(ren) to CSV, or your tenth time, we hope this information provides clarity about your expectations as a parent of a CSV-er. This page also has information about registering to attend camp if you are interested, and what your schedule would be like if you attended full-time.